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As the world embraces digitization, the SAT is no exception. Transitioning from a pen-and-paper test to a digital format has left many students and educators confused. Learn more about what remains the same and what’s new in the DSAT (Digital SAT) verbal section.

Maintaining the Foundation

Though the names have changed, the SAT’s digital version will still assess the same set of skills. The Reading and Writing sections have been merged, but students will continue to encounter reading and writing passages from various academic fields. Vocabulary, textual and quantitative evidence, and vital math concepts remain relevant.

Timing and Adaptation

The DSAT offers more time per question, with a total duration of 2 hours and 14 minutes. Furthermore, the test now features Multistage Adaptive Testing, wherein Module 1 comprises a mix of easy, medium, and hard questions. Module 2’s questions will vary in difficulty based on the student’s performance in Module 1.

Refining the Verbal Section

The verbal section has been streamlined, offering shorter passages accompanied by single discrete questions. The questions are divided into four categories: Craft & Structure, Information & Ideas, Standard English Conventions, and Expression of Ideas. This new format demands a more focused and specific approach from students.

Preparing for the DSAT Verbal Section

To adapt to the DSAT, students should utilize new and existing resources. The College Board has released four official (non-adaptive) mock exams and an adaptive test. Additionally, students can sign up for other expert training programs, which can enable them to familiarize with the updated format.

Khan Academy offers tailored worksheets with brief introductions to each topic, enabling students to familiarize themselves with the updated format.

A Call to Action for Educators

Incorporating the SAT into high school curricula can expose more students to the prospect of a world-class overseas education. By reducing the reliance on unreliable online resources and making the process more accessible, a greater number of deserving students may earn partial or full scholarships to top institutions.


Change can be challenging, but understanding the DSAT’s new features and how to prepare for them can put students on the path to success. Embracing these alterations and utilizing available resources can help students navigate the digital SAT verbal section with confidence. If you have any questions or if you need more clarity, get in touch with an overseas education consultant. They can answer your questions, help with the preparation, and assist in the college admission process.

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