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Profile Building

You score perfect marks in your exams… And you have a strong academic track record…

Does that guarantee you a spot at any top university in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or anywhere in the world?

Not likely.

The admission committee at leading universities goes beyond the GPA. They opt for a holistic approach, considering many other factors in applicants. We discussed this in a separate post. Check out MIT, Stanford, Harvard: What Do They Look for In International Students

Students who want to study abroad – and in a good college at that – must focus on building their profile. And this effort should ideally start a year in advance. So, if they are aiming for Bachelor’s degree abroad, they should start building their profile while in class 12.

Now, what is this “profile building”?

Profile building should start from class 9 on wards so that by the time the students reaches class 12 he/she has enough to show in the profile. It is several activities and concentrated efforts that are aimed at establishing and improving your profile, which checks all the right boxes and positions you strongly for admission to a good university abroad.

As mentioned earlier, top universities don’t obsess over GPAs. The profile building curriculum involves much more than just “teaching” you theories and preparing you for exams. They also focus on enhancing your personality through various measures.

Profile Building Programs of Frame Learning

Frame Learning, one of the leading overseas education consultants, offers several profile building programs that are designed intensively keeping in mind the needs and demands of students who want to study abroad. The program lasts up to 12 months. Among others, we do community service and also community based projects.

Students also learn about effective communication and interpersonal skills.

To study in countries like the USA and Canada, one needs a strong grasp of English speaking, as well as, to an extent, English writing. These profile-building programs train students to write and speak better. They help them prepare for tests like SAT English and TOEFL.

We help to build social media platforms to showcase students’ portfolios and work. In a way, they focus on adding more depth and credibility to students’ personalities and track record, making their profile more appealing to the admission committees at top universities.

Start Building Your Profile

If you plan to pursue higher education abroad, in addition to doing well in your school or college, also start focusing on building your profile. It will play a key differentiation in getting you admission to the desired university. Besides, it will also arm you with the skills and knowledge that will help you achieve more in your professional (and personal) life.

Learn more about Frame Learning’s Profile Building programs: Profile Building Regular, Profile Building Exclusive, Profile Building Premium, Profile Building Ultimate.

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